2019-2020 Board of Directors:

President: Jesse Kogelman

As chief executive officer, organizes and conducts monthly BOD meetings and oversees all organizational activities including recruitment, coordination of the annual meeting and publicity. Provides leadership and delegates activities to board members.

President Elect: Jason Evans

Vice President: Andrea Rosik

Oversees committees, assists president with the appointment and orientation of committee chairs and performs assigned duties assigned duties such as organizing journal clubs.

Treasurer: Elizabeth White

Manages accounts, property and organizational funds, creates budget for annual conference and renders account of all organization transactions.

Secretary: Kimberly Simons

Keeps and records minutes of all BOD meetings, executes general membership correspondence and attests the signatures of other BOD officers.

Director at Large: Radha Sampat

Director at Large: Andrea Dreffs

Helps organize and promote the annual conference and events and provides service to the membership and the accomplishment of the agenda, goals and objectives of the board.

Western Michigan Liaison: Julie Murray-Dull

Coordinates journal clubs and events in Western Michigan, promotes annual conference and provides service to the membership.

SDPA Liaison: Sara Wilchowski

Facilitates communication and coordination of MiDPA activities with the SDPA and ensures state affiliation compliance.

Conference Liaison: Beth Belesky

Conference Liaison: Jenny Pateryn

Helps organize and promote annual conference and events and provides service to the membership.


Past Presidents:

Jalal Algebra

Sara Wilchowski

Beth Belesky